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Valencia Cherotich

Name: Valencia Cherotich

Gender: female

Birthdate: Jan 01, 2006

Fact: She loves learning.

Ambition: She wants to be a teacher.

Valencia came to live at the orphanage because she was a street kid with no family. She came to the home looking for food. She said that Rosefina’s mom was there and “was nice to us. She said this will be our home even if she dies, and she was right. We are all happy here.”

Valencia loves having time for playing and chatting with others. She learns from others she says. She also tries to help the orphans to clean their hands before eating and reminds them to drink lots of water.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: creative and oral life skills.
Birthdate: Jan 01, 2006
Playtime fun: playing with toys and skipping rope.
Favorite food: all food
Greatest challenge: She didn’t have a family and was a street kid, going from house to house in search of food. She said, “I didn’t know if I would ever go to school and I wanted to be a teacher.”
Dreams: to be a teacher
Most proud of: to be in a big family and have time to go school and have a guardian and basic needs met.