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Triza Shabasinya

Name: Triza Shabasinya

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Mar 24, 2005

Fact: Her favorite subject in school is English.

Ambition: To become an administrator.

Triza came to live here because she was in need of education and nobody could take care of her after her mother disappeared. What she loves most about her home is how comfortable it is and how she is being care for.

She wants to be an administrator so that she can enact effective and good laws and put more order into society. She wants to help people in the society live in peace. She tries to help others by being a good example to them.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: English
Birthdate: Mar 24, 2005
Playtime fun: play with toys.
Favorite food: ugali with kuku/chicken
Greatest challenge: watching people in society abuse and break the law.
Dreams: to become an administrator.
Most proud of: when she gets new clothes.