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Sylvia Andeso

Name: Sylvia Andeso

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Dec 12, 2004

Fact: After not being able to talk or laugh from years of abuse, she now is talking and laughs often at the orphanage.

Ambition: To become a teacher.

Sylvia came to live at the orphanage because she was in an abusive home and her grandfather brought her here.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Female
Subject: Kiswahili and English
Birthdate: Dec 12, 2004
Playtime fun: playing toys.
Favorite food: chapati with meat.
Greatest challenge: living in an abusive household.
Dreams: to be a teacher so that she can teach and inspire others.
Most proud of: she enjoys the company of others and talking to them.