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Shalom Amunavi

Name: Shalom Amunavi

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Aug 15, 2008

Fact: She loves learning.

Ambition: Shalom wants to be a pastor when she grows up.

Shalom said that something that was a challenge for her was when Aunt Finy (Rosefina) had to go to America because she wanted to go with her. She wanted to go with her because she heard “there are a lot of chickens to eat in America.” Shalom is a happy child that loves the simple pleasures of life. She loves Gospel music, especially the song “The Lost Son.”

Shalom came to live at the orphanage because she was taken through a community church announcement in which she was in need of a home and an education. Now she is getting both, but needs your help.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: everything
Birthdate: Aug 15, 2008
Playtime fun: singing and dancing
Favorite food: chapates with chicken
Greatest challenge: when Rosefina had to go back to America, she wanted to go with her.
Dreams: to be a pastor
Most proud of: being God’s child