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Sedric Muambi

Name: Sedric Muambi

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Mar 25, 2003

Fact: He loves dancing, playing football, and cracking jokes.

Ambition: To be a doctor.

Sedric came to the orphanage because he was abandoned with his mother.

He likes to read storybooks and novels. He tries to help others in the orphanage by assisting them in cooking and helping them discover their talents. He likes socializing and is friendly. He knows he is a child of God.

Sedric feels like he is in a friendly environment with all of the adequate facilities to meet his needs. However, he wants to be self-independent and assist the needy people in society with their basic needs.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: Kiswalili, science, and English
Birthdate: Mar 25, 2003
Playtime fun: dancing, playing football, and cracking jokes.
Favorite food: rice with fish
Greatest challenge: lacking studying materials.
Dreams: become a doctor.
Most proud of: who he is and the big family he has.