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Scovia Anyango

Name: Scovia Anyango

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Sept 17, 2000

Fact: Her mom abandoned her when she was small.

Ambition: “I want to be a doctor so that I can help sick people and earn a good salary.”

Scovia came to live at the orphanage because she was living with a single mother who couldn’t provide for her children so her mom left them.

Scovia is most interested in singing, visiting game parks and traveling. She tries to help others by washing their clothes and helping them with reading. She is friendly, kind, loving, and caring. What she loves most about her home is that there is peace, love, and sharing. It is a big family so there is a lot of playing together and laughing.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: Kishwahili
Birthdate: Sept 17, 2000
Playtime fun: singing and reading funny story books.
Favorite food: chicken with chapatti
Greatest challenge: having nothing to eat due to poverty and her mother not able to care for her needs.
Dreams: to become a doctor and serve other people. She wants to use her salary to help others in need.
Most proud of: the fact that the orphanage is a place of love and protection that meets their basic needs. The caretakers take care of the children as their own.