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Saprina Mudeizi

Name: Saprina Mudeizi

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Jan 12, 2007

Fact: She loves playing.

Ambition: She wants to be a teacher.

Saprina came to live here because she was living alone with her grandmother and then the her grandmother passed away. She loves the free atmosphere at the orphanage. She wants to be a teacher and assist as many people as possible. She wants to improve her reading level as a future goal. Also, she enjoys helping other people with their homework.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: creativity
Birthdate: Jan 12, 2007
Playtime fun: playing with others.
Favorite food: rice with chicken
Greatest challenge: lacking enough materials for studying.
Dreams: to be a teacher.
Most proud of: being a loving child of God.