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Peter Burno

Name: Peter Burno

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Nov 11, 2006

Fact: He was brought to the orphanage because he was in an abusive home.

Ambition: He wants to be a footballer.

Peter came to live at the orphanage because his grandfather brought him and his sister Sylvia because they were being abused in the home they were living in.

Peter is most interested in being creative and the arts.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  male
Subject: all
Birthdate: Nov 11, 2006
Playtime fun: playing with the other children.
Favorite food: ugali with meat
Greatest challenge: living in an abusive household with his uncle.
Dreams: to be well-known champion in football so he can help people.
Most proud of: himself