Sold Out

Morine Vwonya

Name: Morine Vwonya

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Sept 01, 2003

Fact: She likes to remind her fellow orphans to read their Bibles.

Ambition: Wants to join the army forces.

Morine’s single mother was not able to provide for her, so she came to the orphanage to meet those needs. She said the orphanage is like a big family. There is love in the home.

She is welcoming and friendly to others. She likes to help others in doing their homework.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Female
Subject: math and English
Birthdate: Sept 01, 2003
Playtime fun: reading storybooks, playing around with toys, tennis, and riding a bicycle.
Favorite food: rice with beans
Greatest challenge: watching the terrible things that happen in the world.
Dreams: to be self-independent by joining the army forces.
Most proud of: there is peace in the home she is in.