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Millica Amisi

Name: Millica Amisi

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Apr 12, 2006

Fact: She is most proud of being able to go to school.

Ambition: To be a nurse.

Millica had no parents, but was living with relatives when she came to the orphanage. There was no food and they brought her to the orphanage in hopes of providing a better life.

One of the greatest challenges she has faced is when “the teacher asked me to leave the classroom because my mom did not have money to pay the school.”

She loves to play with others and is proud of the home she has now. She is also proud to further her education and loves learning.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Female
Subject: Kiswahili
Birthdate: Apr 12, 2006
Playtime fun: skip rope and sing.
Favorite food: sweet potatoes and githeri
Greatest challenge: when she had to leave school because she didn’t have money to pay for tuition.
Dreams: To be successful in school.
Most proud of: the fact she is able to go to school and she has a guardian at the orphanage.