Sold Out

Kennedy Lwangu

Name: Kennedy Lwangu

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Aug 02, 1991

Fact: He loves to work in the small garden at the orphanage and plant flowers

Ambition: Work in media as a broadcaster, TV presenter, or camera man

Kennedy came to live at the orphanage because he was born there. The caretaker is his mother. She does not get paid to help the orphans, so he is on his own in terms of getting money to continue his education.

Kennedy is proud of his big family. They have a large compound, a flat, two houses, and one apartment building, which is unfinished. He says his home is very cool, calm, and a conducive place for studying. He wants to travel where he has never gone before and do freestyle rap. He tries to help others in the society by teaching oral skills and telling them about Jesus Christ. He is a very talent musician, very Christian, friendly, and social.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  male
Subject: languages
Birthdate: Aug, 02 1991
Playtime fun: play basketball, crack jokes, and listen to music
Favorite food: fruits and vegetables
Greatest challenge: money was stolen he saved up for to use in an important music project at school
Dreams: to be independent and assist needy people. Leave a legacy in society.
Most proud of: his surroundings and the people that he lives with. Proud of the talent that God has blessed him with.