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Kelvin Otieno

Name: Kelvin Otieno

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Oct 28, 1995

Fact: He likes playing football, dancing, and watching Christian movies.

Ambition: Be a doctor and assist needy people in society

Kelvin came to the orphanage because after the death of his father, there was no one to provide for his family, his dad was the bread-winner and the protector. He decided to look for somewhere to support him because his mother couldn’t, that’s how he found Asande House.

Kelvin wants to be self-independent and assist the needy people in society. Because he is in an orphanage, he knows the problems that orphan face and he wants to help them. He says he is in a calm and friendly environment, even though it is unfinished construction on part of the house.

What he loves most about the home is that “I don’t miss anything I want,” he says. He likes to assist the orphans in their schoolwork and help them discover their potential and talents. If he could do anything he would play football and be the best dancer around. He is friendly, kind, loving, and self-driven.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: English, geography, and chemistry
Birthdate: Oct 28, 1995
Playtime fun: dancing, playing football, and cracking jokes
Favorite food: ugali and fish
Greatest challenge: the death of his father
Dreams: become a doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Kenya
Most proud of: being in the orphanage and the good guardians God has given him