Sold Out

Ian Salamba

Name: Ian Salamba

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Oct 08, 2004

Fact: Loves learning and looking after the cow at the orphanage

Ambition: Be in the army

Ian came to live at the orphanage when he was very little and does not remember his parents. He was brought to Jeska by his teenager single mother, she was unable to support him and provide for his needs.

Ian is most interested in learning and helping around the house. When he was taking care of the cow with another orphan, bad boys in the neighborhood tried to steal the cow and killed his friend in the river. This is extremely painful for him to remember, but he works hard to overcome this by taking care of the other orphans. He says that his home is a place of peace and “the environment is good.”

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: mathematics
Birthdate: Oct 08, 2004
Playtime fun: playing football
Favorite food: rice and chicken
Greatest challenge: seeing his friend murdered by bad boys in their neighborhood and not being able to stop it.
Dreams: to join the army
Most proud of: working together as a family and knowing he is a child of God.