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Hudson Hamisi Mwala

Name: Hudson Hamisi Mwala

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Jan 02, 1990

Fact: He plants vegetables in the garden and cares for the grounds.

Ambition: mechanical engineering because he has a knack for that field

Hudson came to live at the orphanage because was being raised by an uncle that could no longer afford him. He dropped him off to live at the orphanage.

He loves helping others by giving advice and assisting the young kids with their homework. He says that his home is filled with peace and is loving.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: mechanical engineering
Birthdate:  Jan 02, 1990
Playtime fun: jokes, playing football, and listening to Gospel music
Favorite food: green vegetables, fruits, and ugali
Greatest challenge: lacking school fees to ascertain a degree in mechanical engineering
Dreams: be able to serve my family through self-sustainability
Most proud of: drawing, he was able to earn some money drawing sign boards for various companies