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Faith Khayanja

Name: Faith Khayanja

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Sept 04, 2000

Fact: She enjoys teaching other orphans how to share

Ambition: to become a business lady

Faith came to the orphanage because her parents were unable to support her. She wasn’t even able to go to school because they had no money to pay for it. They gave her to the orphanage so she could get her basic needs met.

She loves playing, singing, and sleeping. She knows she’s a child of God. She says that she lives in a lovely home and loves playing with her fellow friends.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Female
Subject: English and math
Birthdate: Sept 04, 2000
Playtime fun: playing around with vehicle toys and riding a bicycle
Favorite food: chicken with chapates
Greatest challenge: financial problems
Dreams: to be financially stable
Most proud of: playing with others in her orphanage family