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Dorcus Nasimiyu

Name: Dorcus Nasimiyu

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Oct 24, 2002

Fact: She suffers from sickle-cell disease.

Ambition: “I want to be a nurse because they help sick people.”

Dorcus came to live at the Asande House because she was mistreated and neglected by family members when her parents separated. She wanted to join the street children, but Jessica, the caretaker, met her and invited her to live with them.

She is most interested in learning at school and her favorite songs are gospel songs. She loves the orphanage because she says “I love the company and the environment is inclusive. It is a good environment and we have a big family. There is peace, love, and caring.” Her dream is to become a nurse and treat patients who suffer with sickle-cell disease also. She wants to “make sure this sickness is stopped.” She tries to help her fellow orphans by reminding them to do their homework and teaching them love. She also teaches them to learn to share what they have. She knows she is a child of God and that it is important to love each other and be kind.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender: female
Subject: Kiswahili
Birthdate: Oct 24, 2002
Playtime fun: playing with toys, reading story books, watching movies
Favorite food: rice with meat
Greatest challenge: sickness because she suffers from sickle-cell disease
Dreams: to be a nurse and help the suffering
Most proud of: going to school and learning