Sold Out

Dalton Wanyonyi

Name: Dalton Wanyonyi

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Unknown-5 years old

Fact: His favorite song is “Baby Jesus I Love You”

Ambition: Become a politician

Dalton came to live at the orphanage because he was homeless, a street boy. He saw there was food and water at the home so he came here.

Dalton is a happy boy that likes to explore. He said something that was hard for him was when his teacher forced him to leave school for the day because she got in an argument with his caretaker. Now he is back at the school and working hard in his classes.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: creative class
Birthdate: unknown-5 years old
Playtime fun: riding a bicycle and playing with toy guns
Favorite food: rice with beans
Greatest challenge: Being homeless and having to search out own food and water
Dreams: to be a governor
Most proud of: I can go to school and have food and water