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Cynthia Auma

Name: Cynthia Auma

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Apr 20, 2005

Fact: She loves to remind the other orphans to go to church.

Ambition: To become a business lady

Cynthia had a difficult childhood. Her parents were not able to support her to go to school and even getting food was a problem. Her parents fought every day, and she often found herself sleeping outside to avoid the problems. A neighbor brought her to the orphanage. She says, “I don’t know where my parents are now, but I am happy.”

She wants to become self-independent and make sure that she can help others who have been in her similar situation. She says that the home she is in now is caring and peaceful. She says that if she could do anything she would “play, sing, and then sleep.”

Attributes that describe her are kind, loving, and a child of God.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: math and Kiswahili
Birthdate: Apr 20, 2005
Playtime fun:  playing with toys, and riding her bicycle
Favorite food: meat with chapati
Greatest challenge: “My parents would fight a lot and I would go and sleep on the street.”
Dreams: help those that have been through what she’s gone through
Most proud of: going to school and church and playing with others. Also that she has a safe place to sleep.