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Colinzi Okumu

Name: Colinzi Okumu

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Apr 10, 2002

Fact: One time he was number one in his class and was so proud

Ambition: to be a bus driver

Colinzi came to the orphanage because Jeska took him from the street when he was young.

He is motivated to change the world to be a better place by giving of himself and helping others without being asked. He is humble, kind, and loves being in a big family. He loves playing with others and is friendly to all. He is mostly quiet and loves others.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  Male
Subject: Kiswalili
Birthdate: Apr 10, 2002
Playtime fun: playing football and riding a bicycle
Favorite food: rice with beans
Greatest challenge: has no toys to play with like cars
Dreams: to own and drive his own vehicle
Most proud of: the time he was number one in his class because he had never been it before