Sold Out

Caleb Nanga

Name: Caleb Nanga

Gender: Male

Birthdate: May 10, 2002

Fact: He was found on the street with no family.

Ambition: Wants to help children that have been homeless before like him.

Caleb came to live at the orphanage because Jessica found him on the street when he was 7 years old. He was trying to sing to her for money or food. She said he was so polite and so sweet and she invited him to live at the orphanage.

His favorite song is a gospel song called “I am a solider in the army of the Lord.” He says in his home they are a big, happy family and there is love and peace. He tries to help others by playing with them and serving them food at dinner.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  male
Subject: all
Birthdate: May 10, 2002
Playtime fun: play football, ride motorcycle, and watch Christian movies
Favorite food: ugali with fish
Greatest challenge: living on the street alone
Dreams: help other homeless children one day
Most proud of: being able to go to school