Sold Out

Brian Sirengo

Name: Brian Sirengo

Gender: Male

Birthdate: Apr 25, 2004

Fact: He was looking for a safe place to live and found the home.

Ambition: Not being around street kids that would cuss, he doesn’t like cussing

When he was living with relatives, Brian was not in a safe environment. In his neighbor the street boys would find him and beat him up. He would hide to avoid fights. He also said that he hated how his friends from the street would use cuss words, bad language is something that really bothers him. He said he was looking for a safe place to live and found it. The Asande House is his home now.

He protects those at the orphanage if others try to pick fights with them. He also has dreams of being a pilot and he wants to work hard so he can be rich. He loves learning and loves his big, caring family.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  male
Subject: math and English
Birthdate: Apr 25, 2004
Playtime fun: playing football and riding a bicycle
Favorite food: rice with meat
Greatest challenge: avoiding the street boys that would beat him up
Dreams: to be a pilot
Most proud of: having orphanage brothers and sisters that make him happy