Sold Out

Ann Namisi

Name: Ann Namisi

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Dec 22, 1995

Fact: She lost both of her parents to tribal violence.

Ambition: to be self-independent and help orphans

Ann tells the story of how she came to live at the orphanage. “During the post-election violence there was a tribe called pokot who used to kill people on the spot and steal cows. During that time I lost both of my parents. This is when I realized I was a total orphan.” Jessica’s daughter found her in the neighborhood looking for food. She desperately wanted to be apart of the orphanage and have a family again.

Ann is most interested in helping others and encouraging them to read the Bible. She likes to assist others with their assignments and help with the cooking. She knows she is a child of God and is social, welcoming, and friendly. She loves the good environment that is her new home.

$40.00 / month

Has a Sponsor


Gender:  female
Subject: history and physics
Birthdate: Dec 22, 1995
Playtime fun: play with toys, tennis, ride her bicycle and read stories. Watch Christian movies.
Favorite food: ugali with fish
Greatest challenge: losing her parents
Dreams: to be self-independent and help other orphans
Most proud of: there is peace in her home and she has access to school and basic needs