Asande House Orphanage

Fight Poverty. Sponsor a Child Today.

Asande House Orphanage

Fight Poverty. Sponsor a Child Today.

Asande House Orphanage

Fight Poverty. Sponsor a Child Today.

Help pay for Morine’s Medical Bills

Last month, Morine, from the Asande House Orphanage in Kitale, Kenya, was hit by a car while outside. She suffered severe injuries and several broken bones. Thankfully, she is now at home recovering and she received the medical attention that she needed. Her medical bills were quite expensive. We are seeking to raise funds to cover medical costs. Anything helps and all of the money will go directly towards paying off the bills. Thank you so much for spreading the word to help sweet Morine!

Three Ways to GIVE

You can sponsor a child, make a donation, or send a package to the kids.

Sponsor a Child

Provide a child with daily needs by being their monthly sponsor.

Donate to the Orphanage

From shoes to mattresses to electricity, your donations help provide for the kids.


The kids love to receive things in the mail! Brighten their day with some mail.

Donate to the Orphanage

Your donation will go towards the general and immediate needs of the orphanage. If you’d prefer, you may indicate your donation for specific needs such as paying for water, electricity, etc.

Thank you Sponsors & Donors!

Ever since we started connecting sponsors with the Asande House, every kid has been sponsored every month. Thank you!

100% of your donation goes to the kids

We are completely volunteer based. Every penny you donate goes to them.


Here are a few things we've been able to do thanks to your donations.

Purchase Blankets and Mattresses!

Provide College Tuition for the Young Adults

Build a Security Fence

Provide needed care for their Milking Cow

Install toilets for the orphanage

Purchase School Uniforms for the Kids

Purchase shoes for everyone!

Your Donation Makes a Difference. Thank You!


The Story of Asande House

One day, a young boy came up to the Royce family’s house asking for food. Unable to deny a child, they welcomed him in and discovered he was an orphan. No orphanage would take him as they were all filled to capacity. Where there was one hungry child, there were many. Soon children in the area heard that there was food at the Royce residence. They started to come each saying “Asande” upon entering, which means “thank you” in Kitalili slang. They soon called themselves the “Asande House”…

Meet the Kids

Each child has a unique story about how they came to the Asande House


Rosefina Royce, co-founder of Asande House, is living in South Riding, Virginia, and has spent the last 14 years supporting these children on her own income. She works 3 jobs here in the United States and sends back what she can. The orphanage has little to no income other than the few hundred dollars Royce sends them monthly…

Rosefina Royce, co-founder of Asande House Orphanage