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100% of your donation goes to the kids.

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Marina College Fund


Why Donate?

Marina is desperate to attend college to become a Social Worker. She has saved up some money through sponsorships and working at a fruit kiosk, and has currently finished her first semester of college. She received high marks and enjoyed it tremendously.

Please help her fulfill her dreams to give back to her community. Next semester’s tuition is due Dec. 15th and she needs to have her tuition money ready. A semester lasts three months and will go from Jan-March.

Any donation helps. If you are interested, you could also do a monthly recurring donation to go towards her college fund by clicking on “monthly” when filling out the donation payment. Her program is a year long. She needs $4,150 total next year to graduate from college.

Goal: $350.00
Collected: $0

Orphanage General Fund


Why Donate?

Your donation will go towards the general and immediate needs of the orphanage. If you’d prefer, you may specify your donation for needs such as paying for water or electricity.

Send A Care Package


Why Write?

The orphans love to receive mail! Anything from the United States excites them and brings a smile to their faces. Feel free to send anything from food, candy, clothes, technology, books, etc to brighten their day.

If you are a sponsor, please be sensitive towards other orphans and send something that all children can enjoy. You may write your child individually, but we ask that you direct packages to the entire orphanage.

It is recommended that you send it through FedEx because regular mail can be stolen.

You can email or send mail to:


Write: Jeska Khavere Machanga
PO Box 3972
Kitale, Kenya

Rosefina's Christmas Trip 2014